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Watch .. A terrible fall for the gymnast cost her feet and play



A great sympathy for a video spread like wildfire on social networking sites, and showed an American gymnast breaking her feet after falling horribly in the performance of a sports movement.

However, Samantha Cerro, 22, did not imagine in her darkest nightmares that she would be exposed to this incident, an introduction to the most important period in her life.

According to her coach, the American girl underwent surgery on her feet after she suffered a broken ligament and ruptured the ligaments of her knees.

He was heard throughout the hall and medical teams intervened directly to take them to the hospital.

“After 18 years, I will retire from the game that made me proud and taught me to work with determination, dedication and dedication, even though I did not expect this end, but nothing is going on in this life as we plan it,” she said. “He said.

She was supposed to graduate this year at the university as an airline engineer, and was planning to move to Alabama on June 1 for her marriage, then move to Seattle to start working for Boeing.

Source: US Press

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