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Student Internship in Policy and Advocacy in Belgium



CONCORD is the European confederation of Relief and Development NGOs. With the support of 55 members,their confederation, representing over 2,600 NGOs, is the main interlocutor with the EU institutions on development policy and international cooperation.

More Details

CONCORD is looking for a person who is passionate, motivated, creative, cooperative, and committed and would like to gain valuable work experience and contribute to the work of a confederation of NGOs whose vision is of a world in which poverty and inequality have been ended; in which decisions are based on social justice, gender equality and upon our responsibility to future generations; where every person has the right to live in dignity, sustainably, on an equal basis, free from poverty. As an intern, you will support CONCORD’s Policy and Advocacy work on sustainable development and CSO space and generic policy and advocacy work. You will work within our Policy and Advocacy team under the supervision of two Policy and Advocacy colleagues.

Opportunity Focus Areas:

  • Policy
  • Advocacy
  • Sustainable Development

Required Languages


Eligible Countries


Program Period

3 Months

  • Starting in the end of May.

Eligibility Requirements (Criteria)

  • The intern must be enrolled in a university or higher education institute and in an exchange programme that will subsidise the internship so that all living expenses and insurance costs are covered for the duration of the assignment.
  • The intern’s university studies or equivalent in development studies, political science, EU or other relevant studies.
  • Desirable Skills:
    •  Ability to organize one’s own work and manage one’s own time.
    • Ability to work effectively and cooperatively with others and towards shared objectives.
    • Ability to work under pressure and towards tight deadlines.
    • Analytical and problem solving skills.
    • Capacity to research, synthesize and analyse information.
    • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
    • Eager to take initiative.
    • Excellent spoken and written English.
    • Good spoken and written French would be an asset.
    • Strong computer skills.

Opportunity Cost

(Partially Funded)

  • The internship is unpaid.
  • . CONCORD is giving a student allowance of 100 euro/month + reimbursing public transport tickets.

How to Apply

First Step: Please submit your CV and cover letter (in English) setting out your reasons for applying for the internship and outlining the qualifications, experience, knowledge and skills that you feel you can bring to the role by the 16th of May 2019 to and

Please indicate clearly in the subject line of your email: APPLICATION FOR POLICY AND ADVOCACY.

Second Step: INTERNSHIP Short listing and interviews:

Short listing is based on CV and cover letter. Successful candidates will be asked to attend a face to face or skype interview. Please note that due to the large number of expected applications only successful candidates will be contacted. In advance, Concord thanks all candidates for their interest.

Apply Now

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Know more about this opportunity:

Official Website

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Global-In Fellowship in Germany 2019 Fully funded





25 May 2019.


Germany, Berlin.

(Fully Funded)


Global-In Fellowship in Germany 2019

Global-In Fellowship is an intensive 3-week youth project focusing on politics, diplomacy and entrepreneurship, with the aim of providing young leaders with the opportunity to explore international relations and enhance diplomatic skills.

More Details

Our program is based on the learning structure of “Learn-Apply-Innovate”: Throughout the 3 weeks, our participants gather knowledge, apply what they have learned and, then, create on the basis of the intelligence and skills they have gained. The project is open to 60 participants.

Opportunity Focus Areas:

  • Law
  • Social Media
  • Economics
  • Politics
  • Soft Skills
  • Entrepreneurship

Required Languages


Program Period

Program Period: 3 Weeks.

Week 1: Learn

During the first week, we hold workshops on Law, Social Media, Economics and Political Systems, as well as training sessions on Soft Skills & Rhetorics and Entrepreneurship. By participating in panel discussions, lectures and seminars, the participants gather the foundational knowledge that will provide the basis for their work and development in the upcoming weeks.

Week 2: Apply

The second week consists of a simulation of the work of the United Nations. As a country’s representative, you will develop your rhetorical and negotiation skills and gain insights into international politics and debates. You will learn to discuss, debate, negotiate and reach compromises, while engaging in passionate discussions about today’s most pressing challenges.

Week 3: Innovate

The third week is a Crisis Simulation, where you will be forming newly established nation states and work towards creating your constitution, national identity and political structures. In an interactive environment, where the relationships between the different states will develop in real time, you will get to invest resources, create governmental infrastructure and establish international organizations. But: How, and with what system It is simply up to your imagination!

Eligibility Requirements (Criteria)

  • For applying to the Global-In Fellowship you need to be a current resident of the country you are applying for. If you are a citizen of one of the countries but not a resident, you should still be eligible, but please contact before applying.
  • you have to be 16-21 years old on the first day of the project (11th of August 2019) to be eligible for this programme. If you are 22 years old or older, please do NOT apply as your application will not be considered.
  • You need to have experience and skills of leadership.
  • You do not need to have citizenship from the country you are applying for, as long as you have a residence there.
  • You have to be eager to learn and motivated.
  • You must have participated in engagement/youth programs and activities.

Opportunity Cost

(Fully Funded)

The program covers:

  • the costs of travel to and from Berlin
  • Food
  • Housing
  • Public transport and any other expenses related to the project
  • The cost of your passport and Visa Costs for Non-EU participants

The program does not cover:

  • any private expenses such as shopping in Berlin and other things you might want to do in your free time.
  • health  insurance

How to Apply

Apply Now

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An Opportunity to Attend IBRO Event about Cognition in Morocco




Organizers: Dr. Roberto Caminiti (Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Rome)
Dr. Elisabetta Làvadas (University of Bologna)

Aims of the School:

There are several aims for this school. The first is to introduce young Ph.D. students and post-doctoral fellows to the broad field of cognition, taken as a general model to understand high-order brain functions. The second is to provide a general picture of some main cognitive disorders that follow lesion of cortical areas and/or subcortical neural centers, as characteristic of certain brain diseases. The third is to offer hands-on activities on a different aspect of experimental and neuropsychological aspects of cognition.  The overall goal is to expose students to a crucial field of modern neuroscience that is not so widely represented in Africa, to create a memory reservoir to be used for expanding their culture as future basic or clinical scientists in the field.

Description of the School:

The School will consist of two modules, the first one on “Neural Substrates of Cognitive Functions” (September 2-7, 2019), the second on “Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuropsychology in the lifespan: from theory to practice” (September 9-14, 2019).

During the scientific sessions, 16 Faculty members will present and discuss their work with the students. About 25 students will participate. Only African citizens are entitled to apply. Students will be sub-divided in three working groups (WGs), that will be involved in different activities under the supervision of Faculty members. The results of such activities will be presented to all participants at the end of the school.  The WGs will also formulate some minimal questions to be asked to Faculty members after each talk, to boost the discussion on the themes presented. Each working group will also participate in the laboratory hand-on activities programmed at the host-institution of the school and present the results of their previous studied during two poster sessions.

In the second module, beyond the lectures offered by the speakers and the relative discussion, students will be shown the main tools used for the diagnostic classification of patients within the various neuropsychological syndromes and some hints will be given on the rehabilitation techniques used for the functional recovery of cognitive disorders. In addition, a movie of case-reports of such patients will be shown and discussed.  In the last day of the school students and faculties will be hosted at the Alzheimer’s Center of Rabat by one Faculty member, who is Director of the center, for a full immersion into the real world of the clinical approach to dementia.


Module I: Neural substrates of cognitive functions (September 2-7, 2019)
Alexandra Battaglia-Mayer (University of Rome SAPIENZA)
Wail Benjelloun (Mundiapolis Private University of Casablanca)
Roberto Caminiti (Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Rome)
Jean-René Duhamel (Institut des Sciences Cognitives Marc Jeannerod, CNRS, Lyon)
Kathleen S. Rockland (Boston University)
Giandomenico Iannetti (Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Rome and University College London)
Giorgio M. Innocenti (Karolinska Institutes, Stockholm)
Abdul K. Mohammed (Karolinska Institutes, Stockholm)
Michele Pignatelli (MIT, Cambridge)
Matthew Rushworth (Oxford University)
Peter Somogy (Oxford University)

Module II: Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuropsychology in the lifespan: From theory to practice (September 9-16, 2019)
Gabriella Bottini (University of Pavia)
Lisa Cipolotti (University College London)
Jean-Francois Demonet (INSERM Toulouse)
Mustapha El Alaoui Faris (Hospital of Specialities, Mohammed V University of Rabat)
Elisabetta Làdavas (University of Bologna)
Eraldo Paulesu (University of Milan Bicocca)
Tim Shallice (University College London)

Technical workshops:
Nouria Lakdhar-Ghazal (ACATN, Mohammed V University of Rabat)
Nezha Bouhaddou (Faculty of Sciences, Mohammed V University, Rabat)
Nada Fath (Agronomic and Veterinary Institute, Rabat)
Khalid El Allali (Agronomic and Veterinary Institute, Rabat)

Who should apply to this School?

Advanced Ph.D. students, Ph.D., MD, Neurologists, Neuropsychiatrics, Post Doc, Lecturers. Only African citizens are entitled to apply.

What costs will be covered for selected applicants?

Air Tickets, Hotel accommodation, Meal, local transportation.

Application deadline: May 20, 2019 (11:59 p.m. CET)

Apply here

For all enquiries, please contact Pr. Roberto Caminiti at


Mohammed V University

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We are excited to announce the second formal summer internship program at IDC Europe.

An internship at IDC is a fantastic way to get up close to the world of business, find out what excites and inspires you, and where it could take you. As well as vital work experience, you’ll get a good idea of whether we’re the firm for you.

Our summer internship programme will give you a taste of professional life and will allow you to get ahead in your career even before you have left university. You will learn from experienced colleagues and meet clients representing a variety of industries and environments as we help you make a smooth transition from student to professional.


What kind of work will I be doing?

You’ll spend ten to twelve weeks, between June and August in one of our business units in various location in Europe; London, Milan, Madrid, Amsterdam, Prague offices.

Each of our Internships has a different focus, so your work will differ depending on the kind of project you choose from those listed below:

  • “European Services Spending Drivers” – London
  • “Retail Digital Transformation in Europe 2018” – Milan or London
  • “Evolution of Channel Ecosystem in Spain” – Madrid
  • “European Data Project on Security” (2 seats) – London or Prague
  • “European Data Project on PC” – London
  • “Implementation of Analytics for HR” – Milan or London
  • “Channels Project – Best Practice Partner Engagement 2.0” – London
  • “Blockchain Real Case Studies”- London or Milan
  • “IDC Firmographics enhancements Paneurope” – Milan-Prague
  • “Build the base for a “spending per employee and company” model”- Frankfurt,or munich or Milan

Joining IDC is your opportunity to become part of the most respected global technology market research firm operating in over 110 countries worldwide. Our collaborative, innovative and entrepreneurial culture is the perfect place for you to discover your future. We’re looking for similarly ambitious interns who are keen to keen to know what it is like to work in Professional Services and play an important role in our firm.


Who can join the Summer Internship Programme?

We encourage students from all degrees and disciplines, attending 3d year onwards, to apply to our Summer Internship programme: preferably: Business Management, Data Analytics, Computer Science, Information Systems, or Economics

  • International mind-set and interest in global business
  • Demonstrate creativity, resilience and adaptability
  • Demonstrate intellectual curiosity and hunger for development
  • Customer focused and commercial savviness
  • Curiosity and passion for technology, how things work and the future of digital
  • Strong academic performance
  • Proficient in English

What’s in it for you 

  • Flexible working and fast paced environment
  • Cutting-edge training on-the-job
  • World-class mentorship from global thought-leaders
  • Having business exposure and accountability from day one
  • Investment in your personal development with forward thinking digital learning opportunities
  • Monthly scholarship of 500GBP

What can I expect from a Summer Internship with IDC?

From the moment you join, you’ll be working in a team, valued for the unique contribution you make and the fresh ideas you bring. You will gain “hands on” project experience working with professional and experienced teams. You’ll be encouraged to think for yourself and use your initiative within your team delivering pioneering solutions for our clients. You will also develop the kind of rounded business skills that will serve you well regardless of where your future takes you. And you’ll get all the learning support you need to develop yourself both personally and professionally.

What will I learn?

We hope after your summer with us that you will come away with a selection of skills that will give you an amazing start to your career including:

  • People skills including working in diverse teams and building relationships to help you succeed.
  • Soft skills including presentation and communication skills, time management, business acumen, corporate and personal responsibility.
  • Business writing skills to use for all types internal and external presentations and how to plan the research of a project.
  • IT skills including all relevant software programmes.

How do I apply?

Step 1: Make your application using our online application and specify the project and location you would prefer

Step 2: Please to tell us in less than 100 words why you want to join your preferred IDC project and to upload your CV.

Step 3: Your interview: If you have been successful in your application, you will receive an email for an interview.

Step 4: Offer: If we like you at interview – and you like us – we’ll offer you a job!

Best of Luck!

Start Date: July 2019

In order to apply, please login here.

For more information, please visit the official web page.

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