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Farewell dialysis machine: scientists have created a bionic kidney!



When the kidneys are not functioning properly, the waste is no longer evacuated, they accumulate in the blood and the body’s detoxification becomes dangerously deficient, to the point of endangering the life of the affected person if no treatment is undertaken. .

To survive, patients have the choice between three options. The first two are medical treatments that consist of either kidney transplants or dialysis to escape the threat of imminent death, but do not offer patients the same  longevity  as the rest of the population.

Scientists are developing a bionic kidney

Because dialysis affects millions of patients around the world, it is particularly demanding and most of them wait years before receiving the kidney from a donor, researchers at the University of California San Francisco made a spectacular medical advance by developing the first bionic kidney in the world.

Composed of silicon filters and live kidney cells, it is a self-sustaining hybrid kidney designed to be implanted surgically in patients’ bodies, and which would fulfill the role of a real kidney by filtering waste and toxins present. in the blood and evacuating them to the bladder.

It is Professor William Fissell who launched the Kidney Project, for the creation of an artificial nothing suitable for the human body, as a sustainable solution to the problem of advanced renal failure in the world.

Symptoms of kidney failure

Here are the main symptoms of kidney failure. It is important to know them in order to be able to detect them and react as quickly as possible in the event that they present themselves.

– Increased or decreased volume of urine
– Frequent
urination at night – Difficulty urinating or developing pain when urinating
– Presence of blood in the urine, foamy and dark urine
– Extreme fatigue, inability to concentrate, dizziness, shortness
of breath – loss of appetite, nausea, disgust for meat
– pain in the back and on the flanks

The third option

Although the usefulness and effectiveness of new technologies in medical matters are indisputable and medical treatment can save millions of lives, the natural means of healing are unfortunately often underestimated and forgotten, even abandoned.

The third solution for patients with kidney disease to cope with their condition is to heal by changing their lifestyle completely and bringing to their bodies and kidneys all the elements they need to to regenerate. It is indeed possible to cure kidney failure and find functional kidneys, as shown by a  study  conducted jointly by researchers from Tel Aviv University in Israel and Stanford University in the United States because the kidneys have a great ability to regenerate.

Prevent and cure kidney failure naturally through diet

To regenerate your  kidneys , adopt a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet and fast.

∙ Consume as much fruit and vegetables as possible. These foods are essential for optimal health because they contain everything the body needs to build, clean and repair itself.

∙ Adopt a diet low in animal protein. The digestion of proteins produces a lot of waste. And the more waste to treat, the more tedious kidney work is.

∙ Stop smoking, alcohol and caffeine.

∙ Stop processed foods because most of them are not only  harmful  for the kidneys but for the whole body and the health problems they cause are innumerable.

∙ Learn how to manage and mitigate your stress with meditation, tai chi or any soothing and relaxing activity. Overwork, stress and a hard life promote health problems in general and can lead to kidney problems.

∙ Warm up and warm up your kidneys. The heat is indeed very beneficial to them because it allows the dilation of the capillaries, the increase of the blood flow, the improvement of the circulation, the oxygenation and the regeneration.

∙ Treat yourself with medicinal plants such as dandelion, uva ursi also known as bearberry or Maltese cross.

∙ Practice fasting therapy. Many studies show the benefits of fasting on general health, inflammation and kidney function in particular.

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Diabetes: With this new discovery say goodbye to insulin




Dutch researchers have discovered a new solution for people with diabetes. This miracle solution could help thousands of patients around the world.

Dutch doctors seeking a new cure other than injecting insulin have researched and tested about fifty individuals with diabetes.

These test subjects were given a tube from the mouth to the small intestine, at the end of which was a small balloon.

This one was filled with hot water to burn the mucous membrane. This intervention allowed the renewal, in two weeks, of the cells of the membrane and the clear improvement of the health of the patient, reports the Guardian.

The operation was a success on 90% of patients

After the operation, the disease stabilized for one year in the body of 90% of the patients on whom the test was performed.

The doctors came to a conclusion that the absorption of nutrients by the mucous membrane of the small intestine and the development of insulin resistance, a hormone secreted by the pancreas that allows glucose to enter the cells of the body, are related in type 2 diabetics.

“Thanks to this treatment, the use of insulin can be postponed and perhaps avoided,” says Jacques Bergman, professor of gastroenterology at the University Hospital of Amsterdam

Efforts remain to be made to find a cure for this disease that affects about 1 million people worldwide each year.

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